Getting Started (Initial Setup)

Thank you for choosing KidGPS.  Please follow these setup instructions to quickly setup your KidGPS.

1) Before getting started, please charge KidGPS for one hour.  


Charge your KidGPS via USB using the included charging cable.  You can power the charging cable using most USB ports.  When charging, the battery LED will turn solid red.  When fully charged, the battery LED will turn off.  It can take up to 2 hours for a full charge.


2) Next, turn on KidGPS and place KidGPS next to an open window (or place outside with clear view of the sky) for 10 minutes.  To turn KidGPS on, press and hold the power button (located on the side of the device) for 5 seconds.


3) In the meantime, download the latest KidGPS app to your device.

Get the latest app for iOS and Android here:

iOS -

Android  -


4) Open the KidGPS app and create your account by tapping "Create Account."  Follow the on-screen instructions.

5) After your KidGPS has been on for 10 minutes (see #2), open the KidGPS app, sign in, and tap the plus icon to begin setting up your KidGPS.  Follow on-screen instructions to complete setup of KidGPS.




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