How To Share Locations With Others

KidGPS allows you to share your child's location with other users you choose.

1) From the main screen, tap "Other."

2) Tap on "Share ... Location."

 3) From here, tap "Share .... Location" to invite a new user to view your child's location.

4) Enter the name and email of the person you want to share the location with and tap "Invite."

KidGPS will send an invitation email to this person to create a free KidGPS account.  The location of your KidGPS will be shared with all those you invite (Viewers), along with push notifications for Zone entries and Help! alerts.

Sharing will continue until you remove the Viewer from the Sharing screen.

To un-share, open the Sharing screen (Other > Share Location) and swipe left on the Viewer to remove.




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