Creating Zones

You can create up to four Zones to better monitor the location of your KidGPS Location Tracker.   To create a Zone, first, open the menu by tapping the three horizontal bars in the upper left of the KidGPS app.  Then select the second option, "Manage Zones."

At the top of the Manage Zones screen, each box represents a Zone.  A yellow box with a plus represents an undefined zone.  Tap any yellow box to add a Zone.

 Next, tap in the first field and enter a name for this Zone.  Then, tap in the next field to enter an abbreviation for this Zone.  Finally, tap in the third field to enter the location of this zone.  You can enter in the names of major landmarks, like Bridgestone Area or a street address like 123 Your Street.  When you see the location appear in the white drop down box, tap it to select.

You can resize your Zone by sliding the white circle left or right.  To finish creating your Zone, you must tap the "Save" button.


New Zones or changes to Zones will download to your KidGPS the next time your device connects to the cloud.  Please allow 10 minutes for new or changed Zones to be loaded on your KidGPS.


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